BUGWELDER tour ...

our promotrip of this weekend lead us to CUXHAVEN, Germany ... we visited a small and cosy volkswagen show, at the german north sea, and we were amazed about the chill factor of the people ! COOOLLLLL...

IMGP8260.jpg Obligatory door shot, with euro bug in stickers ...DSC_0068.JPG

the walk in the park ... a cool cruizing along the sea bay (baywindow/bay... :-))DSC_0093.JPG


Mr Burnout, supporting the EBI4 colors (and kinky's kinky stickers ;-)IMGP8302.JPG

later at night ... Mr Burnout doing what he does best ... he didn't hesitate to heat up his tires !DSC_0140.JPG

the man in his cabanna, pimping some goodies ... for your car !!!

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